How do I get started with Fan Squared?

Simply return to the homepage and enter your email address and a memorable password and you will be on your way. After this you will be asked to supply your Instagram login details in order to connect the account with Fan Squared, after which you will be able to establish your targeting settings. No credit card is required and your data is stored securely.

  How many Instagram accounts can I connect to my Fan Squared account?

With Fan Squared you can connect as many Instagram accounts as you like to the system. You pay for each individually.

  Can I add client accounts and pay for each with a different payment card?

Yes - each account is paid for separately and each account may have a different credit card associated with it.

  How Much does Fan Squared cost?

Fan Squared’s service costs a straightforward £39 per month per account. A 5 day free trial is available to the first account you connect with Fan Squared so that you can sample the service. The service is paid for on a rolling automatically renewed monthly basis. This can be cancelled at any time, but can run for the current period as it has been paid for and no part refunds are given.

  How do I claim my 5 day free trial?

The 5 day trial starts automatically when you set-up your first account with Fan Squared. The 5 day free trial is available to the first account you connect with Fan Squared only, so that you can sample the service. All subsequent accounts must run on a paid for service.

  What happens at the end of my trial?

The day before your trial ends you will receive an email asking that you provide payment details in order to avoid any disruption in service. Once the subscription is established you will continue to run until you elect otherwise.

  How do I stop the service with one of my subscribed accounts?

Simply login to Fan Squared and navigate to the Account screen at the top right of the screen. From here you can manage your subscriptions associated with your linked Instagram accounts.

  How do I know how well I am performing?

We provide statistics to measure the current performance of each Instagram account. You can view these statistics when you login to your account and navigate to the Dashboard.

  Is my data stored securely?

All your account credentials are stored securely in an encrypted form on our servers. All payments are handled by our payment provider, Stripe. Payments are handled via their secure payment gateway. Fan Squared does not hold any payment card details on their systems.

  Do you need my Instagram login details?

Yes, we require your Instagram account details in order to connect your account to the Fan Squared system. These details are held in an encrypted form at Fan Squared. You may reset your credentials at any time.

  Can I use my Instagram account as I normally would?

Yes - you can post, comment and use as you ordinarily would. However, we would strongly advise that you DO NOT chase user accounts and hashtags and start following or unfollowing in bulk. We will be doing this steadily and safely on your behalf keeping track of operations. If Instagram detects this kind of activity they may temporarily block that function for several days. It is better to leave the bulk management to us - that's what we are here for. You can follow, unfollow, like and comment on a slow individual basis so it doesn't impact our numbers.

  What happens if my account cannot connect when verifying?

Occasionally Instagram requires that you complete a second stage of authentication. This most commonly appears on your Instagram App as is perfectly normal when you connect to the system for the first time. This will most commonly simply ask you to confirm the new activity detected was you, by selecting “It was me”. Alternatively, you may get prompted to complete the verification via email.

  What happens if I change my Instagram password?

It is vitally important that we have your up to date login details so that we can main our service to you. If you need to reset your password please click here or login to your account and navigate to your settings screen for the account in question.

  Why does my Followings figure go up so abruptly during the first few days?

The first few days will see the Followings figure increase more than it usually would, as we wait for 3 days before we start unfollowing those that have not followed you back.

  How do I get support?

Please know that we are here to help. If you require any support for your account, please login to Fan Squared then navigate to Support and top right-hand corner of the screen.

  How do I permanently close my account with Fan Squared?

Simply login to Fan Squared and navigate to the Account screen at the top right of the screen. From here you can select Delete My Fan Squared Account. Please note that you must cancel all your live subscription before permanently deleting your account.

  Can I pause my accounts with Fan Squared?

Yes - we will keep your Fan Squared account live for 3 months. Your linked Instagram accounts will remain attached to your account but all billing and service activity will be paused. Please remember that refunds are not given for the month in which you pause the service and it will be up to you if you halt the system immediately or let it run to its natural end at the end of that month.

  How do I get a refund?

Fan Squared operates on a rolling monthly basis, with no notice period. On this basis no refunds are given - if you decide to halt the service it will be up to you if you stop the system immediately or let it run to its natural end at the end of that month.

  What is the notice period if I wish to stop using Fan Squared?

Fan Squared has no notice period. You may stop at anytime.

  Are my payments handled safely and securely?

Fan Squared have chosen to partner with Stripe as its secure payment provider. We subsequently accept almost all credit and debit cards available. All payments are encrypted and we DO NOT hold any client payment details on our systems.

  How do I best go about identifying my targeting settings?

It is essential that give careful consideration to your target audience. You need to identify hashtags that will be used by your target audience and you need identify user accounts that will have followers that match the profile of the one’s you desire for yourself. This can be as few as 5 accounts and 5 hashtags, as long as they have a good quantity of followers.

Once you have identified your targets you will enter these into the Fan Squared system and we will begin to work in order to develop traffic back to your account. At this stage you are accruing targeted potential followers, who will judge your account and follow you if they feel you are relevant to them. By virtue of this and well thought-out targeting, you will develop accelerated organic growth with improved engagement.

  What operations do you undertake on my behalf?

We do a few activities driven by our algorithm of research for most relevant targets for your account.


  • 1.a
    Follow relevant users who posted with a specified Hashtag in the caption if in your hashtag list
  • 1.b
    Follow relevant users who Liked/Commented on a post with a specified Hashtag or Keyword in the caption
  • 2.a
    Follow relevant User’s followers from the settings list
  • 2.b
    Follow users who Like/Comment on 2.a. user’s posts if it's relevant to you

  • 1.
    We balances the Follower to Following Ratio
  • 2.
    Unfollow After 1(default), 2 or 3 days - This is the number of days to wait before attempting to unfollow a user.
  • 3.
    We don't unfollow followers

Like Content:
  • 1.
    Like Content by Search Term or Hashtag if it's relevant to you
  • 2.
    Like posts of a specified User if it's relevant to you